10 Surprising Facts About Pregnancy That You May Not Know

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Pregnancy is an exciting and amazing journey of life where a woman gets so many changes in her body that seems strange sometimes. If you are pregnant, you may get unexpected surprises sometimes. You may be much excited if you got pregnant for the first time.

Most women do not know certain amazing facts about pregnancy. These facts are surprising and beautiful. Here, we have mentioned some amazing facts that you should know if you are pregnant. You might not have any idea about these wonderful facts of pregnancy before.

  • Your Heart Start Growing

Becoming a mother leads to the growth of your heart. Don’t be surprised, it literally grows. The volume of your blood enhances up to 50% and your heartbeat becomes stronger and faster. It grows larger to support the little miracle inside your womb.

  • Your Partner May Have The Symptoms Of Pregnancy

You will be amazed to know that your partner can experience the symptoms of pregnancy. It is strange and called Couvade Syndrome. Another name of this stage fact is sympathetic pregnancy. Some males experience nausea, swelling in the area of tandem, and weight gain.

These symptoms continue with their partners who are pregnant. We know you may be amazed still after knowing this fact but it exists.

  • Your Baby Can Cry In Your Womb

We know that the level of your amazement is increasing as you are jumping to another fact. Before birth, your baby can start crying. Many studies have revealed that babies can cry silently in the womb for nearly 28 weeks. Scientists call it a practice communication.

When a baby is born, he can give a reaction to certain feelings. You may not know that your baby has cried in the womb if you conceived a baby for a second time.

  • Craving Of Non-Food Items

Every time we hear that someone is craving food items with pregnancy like grapefruit, pickles, and sardines. But do you know that approximately, 30% of women crave items that are non-foody during their pregnancy? This is a disorder and it is called Pica.

Some non-food items are stones, soap, paper, and chalk. If you get cravings for nonfood items, we recommend you not to eat such items because they can create digestive issues for you.

  • You Can Be Pregnancy For A Year

Remember that it is possible to have the longest pregnancy. You can be pregnant for a whole year. It has been recorded that a woman named Beulah was pregnant for one year and a half months. It’s longer than the average duration of pregnancy.

  • Taller Woman Have More Chances To Conceive Twins

Journal of Reproductive Medicine reported a study conducted on pregnant women. According to this study, women who are taller than five feet and five inches can conceive fraternal twins. 

The reason is that certain proteins that release from the area of the liver are high in a taller woman. These proteins are associated with enhanced ovulation. 

  • Growth Of Feet

Another amazing fact about pregnancy is that the feet of pregnant women can grow. If you are pregnant, the size of your feet can grow up to one complete size. It is common to grow your shoe size if you are pregnant. There are some reasons for it. 

Your ligaments can become loose that can make your feet wider. Weight gain and swelling are associated with pregnancy too. After pregnancy, it is possible to return on the exact size of your shoes. You can go and wear your favorite shoes.

  • Heart Burn And Full Hair Of Head Of Babies

If you experience heartburn with pregnancy, you are likely to give birth to a baby with complete head hair. Researchers have proved it. 

The reason is that high levels of hormones in women lead to heartburn. These hormones play an essential role in the growth of the hair of the head of the baby in the womb.

  • One Scientific Method Of Labour Has Been Proved

Currently, there are many methods to bring on labor to give birth to generations. But you will be surprised to know that the method for about is one that is proven. The idea behind nipple stimulation is that it makes your body thinks that you are feeding your baby.

It releases the hormone known as oxytocin that helps to kick start contractions. Moreover, it helps to progress labor.

  • Your Baby Can Be Born With Teeth

Contrary to famous belief, your baby actually can be born having teeth. Studies have shown that one baby from 2000 will be born with teeth.

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