5 Signs of Truck Suspension and Brake Failure

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When running a fleet of big rigs through the Toledo area, you are always trying to keep your truck and trailer repair bill under control. The truck suspension and brakes are the systems that are subject to the highest failure rate. Training you and your drivers to spot early signs of wear can help you have the issue addressed before things get serious.

1. Your Rig Sits Crooked When Parked

During any long haul, you will park your truck at a rest stop and walk away towards the restaurant and service center. When you come back, is the truck listing to one side? That is a clear indication that a shock has failed.

2. The Shocks are Shiny and Slick

Part of the departure checklist should include an inspection of the brakes and suspension. If you can see and touch oil on the shocks, the seals have failed, and it is time to have them replaced.

3. Nosedives at the Lights

Besides the typical grinding associated with worn truck brakes, if your rig is shuddering during deceleration or throwing you forward in the seat when you hit the pedal, you may need to check hydraulic lines and the brake drums. Worn parts can make the brakes grabby or give you a delayed reaction.

4. Riding a Wave while Cruising

Once your suspension starts to fail, the driver may notice that the truck starts to porpoise or bounce as it rolls down the highway. The suspensions on the truck and the trailer are reacting at different rates, which gives you the sensation of a bounce house on wheels. It is possible to lose control, resulting in costly delays, damages, and even injury.

5. Fighting with the Steering Wheel

Are you struggling to get the steering wheel to turn when going around corners? The brakes could be dragging, or a shock gave up and does not help the cab to shift its weight. When the steering starts to give you trouble, the most likely cause is your truck suspension.

A VIS-Check at Toledo Spring Can Spot the Problem Before You Get into an Accident

Fortunately, you do not have to wait for something to break before you take the truck into the shop. Putting your rig on the VIS-Check at Toledo Spring Parts & Services will identify truck brakes or suspensions that are not performing adequately. Then you can schedule the repair on a no-load day instead of losing a valuable haul due to a sudden failure.

If you would like to start improving your up-time for your trucks and trailers, give us a call at Toledo Spring Parts & Services to schedule a VIS-Check for your fleet. With a dedicated bay and early to late hours five days a week, we can fit you in when it is most convenient for your customers.

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