Amazon Suggestions Explained: Boost Your Sales Using The Right Keywords

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So you punched in a target keyword on an Amazon suggestion expander and got yourself some really cool keywords but it doesn’t end there. The key to making the best sales is to properly leverage these keywords and the suggestions gotten from Amazon.

In this article, you would find out what an Amazon suggestion is, how Amazon’s algorithm works and how you can properly use it to boost your sales.

How Amazon’s Algorithms Work

Amazon uses an algorithm called A9 to determine and rank sellers on its platform. And to understand the right way to use Amazon’s suggestion, you need to understand how Amazon’s algorithm works.

Now Amazon is very similar to Google in terms of optimization such that it uses keywords to rank and show results that are relevant to a search.

However, the only major difference is that Amazon optimizes its search results majorly for sales conversion. So you can only rank high and drive traffic if you are making a lot of sales. In other words, you only rank high on Amazon when you have a very strong sales history.

But the aftermath of this is that products that rank high rank would continue to convert sales as they would most likely be products that customers would see first when they type into Amazon’s search box to look for a product.

With this understanding, now let us explore the meaning of Amazon suggestions, their importance, and how to use the right keywords

Amazon Suggestions Explained

Amazon suggestions are a set of keywords that are very key in helping a particular search term rank high on Amazon. In this section, we are going to look at where to place these keywords for you to rank well because it is not ideal to randomly place these suggestions just anywhere on your product page.

Based on Amazon’s suggestions, there are three main areas to implement;

Product Title

If you take a look at any products doing pretty well amongst products ranking on Amazon, you would notice that its title is usually stuffed with keywords. This is one trick to ranking high. So if you want your product title to rank on Amazon you should stuff it up with relevant keywords and keywords variants, since this is where it is most important to include keywords.

Product Pages

The product page is another area where you can strategically place the keywords you get from proper keyword research using Amazon’s suggestions expander. Your product page should include variants of your keywords and complete descriptions that will help you drive conversions.

For emphasis sake, it is recommended to add keywords at the “about this item” section and the product description section as you would get a better ranking this way.


There you have it, this is practically the trick to boosting your sales. Summarily, find the right keywords with an Amazon suggestion expander and then properly implement them by adding them to specific areas. With the right keywords and strategy, you would be ranking on Amazon amongst the best sellers in no time.

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