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BBQs 2U – Benefits of Masterbuilt Portable Coal BBQ

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BBQs 2U is a store in Abersoch, UK popular for grills and accessories. The family-owned business was launched in 2005 to offer branded grills and accessories to BBQuing fans to enhance their grilling experience.

The summer season is around the corner and it is time to get those grills outdoors. You can even get the latest model or upgrade with advanced accessories.

Masterbuilt has introduced a portable charcoal grill to its list after the Gravity Series. Masterbuilt identified that people will adore a charcoal grill because, with a pellet grill, they have to compromise the flavors. Masterbuilt portable BBQ has its benefits and drawbacks.

The key benefit is that everyone prefers the flavor of charcoal-grilled food for multiple reasons:

1. Smoky flavour

Charcoal grilling produces a smoky flavor in the food that many people find appealing. The smoke comes from the burning charcoal, which adds a distinctive flavor to the food.

2. Caramelization

Charcoal grilling can also create a crispy outer layer on food, which is due to the caramelization of the natural sugars in the food. This process can enhance the flavor and texture of the food.

3. Temperature control

Charcoal grilling allows for more precise temperature control compared to gas grilling. By adjusting the amount of charcoal and the airflow, you can control the temperature of the grill and cook the food to your desired level of doneness.

4. Tradition

Charcoal grilling has been a popular cooking method for generations, and many people have fond memories of cooking and eating food prepared on a charcoal grill.

This tradition and nostalgia can contribute to people’s preference for the flavor of charcoal-grilled food.

Overall, the smoky, caramelized flavor and precise temperature control are the main reasons why people prefer the flavor of charcoal-grilled food. Masterbuilt portable BBQ is equipped with features that can enhance the flavors of grilled food.

  • Charcoal Minihopper can hold charcoal that can last for a maximum of 4 hours of cooking time.
  • The SteadyTemp dial allows for adjusting cooking temperature and maintaining heat accurately.
  • 250 to 500 degrees Fahrenheit – Versatile temperature for cooking anything that ranges from eggs to steak.
  • The lid is lockable, which allows transporting the portable grill without disposing of ashes and creating a mess onsite.
  • On the go, there are chances you may not have sufficient charcoal or briquettes. The portable grill is electrically powered and you can operate it on batteries or using an outlet.
  • The Foldable QuickCollapse cart offers hassle-free transportation.
  • There are two side shelves equipped with beverage holders suitable for food preparation.
  • The cooking space is 200 sq. inch.
  • Cook 15 sausages or 3 chickens or 9 burgers simultaneously on the grill.

You can upgrade your smoke game with a Masterbuilt Pizza Oven or if you own gravity series then look for Rotisserie.

Make sure to buy a cover for your barbeques to avoid them from getting dusty when not in use. The masterbuilt portable BBQ cover is designed with high-quality material.

It protects your grill during transit from getting scratches and even outdoor elements like snow, rain, or sun.

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