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While some of you will argue about the decrease in popularity of Facebook in recent years. But you will be surprised to know that Facebook still has the highest number of daily active users than other social media platforms. For example, it drives approximately 3 billion active users daily compared to 1 billion on Instagram and tiktok. 

Facebook is not just a social media platform but also an open marketplace. So if you want to make money through Facebook, or buy Facebook views there are plenty of ways to do that. Today you’ll explore some of the most popular methods for making money on Facebook.

Create A Video With In-Stream Ads

Creating a video with in-stream ads is one way to cash out on Facebook. It’s basically when you put ads into your post and watch it generate money. You just need to ensure that the video you want to post has good conversion rate and strong call to action. When you’re ready to post your video, ensure you have selected the right category.

Add A Paid Subscription To Your Facebook Page 

Offer premium products or services to customers on your Facebook page. It’s simple, Customers pay money in exchange for some kind of premium from you. When someone visits your page, there’s a small fee that gets paid to you. 

You can also add an option for people to pay you through a monthly subscription, where they choose to send you money on a recurring basis. It could be access to exclusive content, such as bonus episodes or behind-the-scenes footage. 

Collaborate With Brands 

There are a lot of brands that pay people to promote their products or services on Facebook. You can find these opportunities by doing a quick search or checking out Facebook’s advertising page. Get paid to promote brands’ products on your Facebook page. For example, you could work with a brand to promote their clothing line. 

You can test their products and make review content that helps the brand reach large audiences through social media influencers. Then share those opinions on your Facebook page or other social media profiles while tagging the brand in posts and photos.

Promote Your Products And Services

It’s relatively easy to get others to buy things from you on Facebook if you have an existing following, but if you’re just looking to make some extra money, you can sell your stuff. Your products can be small, such as physical items such as t-shirts and mugs, or they could be more expensive, such as software or apps. 

Facebook can be an amazing way to build your audience, so why not sell them some stuff? Start by setting up your online store on Shopify.com. Once you have a store set up, then add a Facebook shopping box to your website and you can direct potential customers to it from Facebook. 

Organize Paid Events

Another way to make money on Facebook is by allowing people to stream and share videos of you or your business. Webinar companies like Zoom run paid live-streaming seminars that allow people to pay a $19-49 monthly fee to access their sessions.

Facebook Monetization Eligibility 

Facebook has made it easy for any business to start earning on Facebook with Facebook Business Pages. However, you need to know the rules before you start. Facebook offers a range of monetization options, including Paid Ads, Sponsored Stories, and Page Post ads. 

If you want to promote products on Facebook, you will have to create a Facebook Business Page for it. If Facebook sees you are just using your account for business promotion and not contributing any content for that page, it calls the business non-compliant. Because of that, you need to ensure that your page is compliant before promoting your business.

Why Is Facebook Still A Favorite Place To Earn Money?

Facebook is a social media site that allows users to connect with friends and family, manage their news feed, create events, view others’ profiles, and much more. Everybody wants to make money online, so they turn to Facebook. In fact, you can get paid for about anything on the platform you’d normally do for free, including live streaming and following pages.

You can earn money on Facebook by adding paid subscriptions to your page, collaborating with brands on social media, and promoting your products and services online. In addition, you can use your online store to sell products. This will work only when you have decent audience or views on your page. So to build a audience for your page you can buy FB views for maximum engagement. 

Facebook has many ad options that allow you to monetize your page. There’s the standard ‘Sponsored Post,’ where you pay and offer advertisers the option of posting their ads on your fan page or profile. Other ads, such as ‘Product Ads,’ allow people to buy products and services directly from your site within the Facebook platform.

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