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Eye Fold surgery Vs Double eyelid can almost go synomonous. Double eyelid surgery, often known as “Asian blepharoplasty,” is a procedure that is used to generate an upper lid crease in Asian patients, but it is also done on people of other ethnicities who want to go from a single fold or a low double fold to a higher double fold. It’s one of the most popular aesthetic procedures in Asia, as well as among Asian people in North America. Patients are motivated to have this surgery for a variety of reasons.

The procedure is frequently misunderstood as a technique of westernising the Asian eyelid. Patients typically want to keep the features that are unique to their culture and heritage.

The majority of Asian patients who get this treatment want the appearance of an Asian eyelid with a natural upper lid crease. Pre-operative conversations are critical for determining patient preferences and maximising patient satisfaction. While eye fold surgery Vs double eyelid is usually done for aesthetic reasons, it can also be used to increase the visual field if there is substantial skin draping over the lid edge, obstructing vision. Patients who are having this operation done for cosmetic reasons may want an elevated crease to provide them additional surface area to apply makeup to produce a more glamorous or young appearance.

Procedure of Eye Fold Surger Vs Double Eyelid

Suture ligation and external incisional approaches are the two most common methods for performing double eyelid surgery.

  • Technique for Suture Ligation

Suture ligation is a non-incisional procedure for creating an upper eyelid crease. A suture is passed through the lid skin and deeper supratarsal tissue in complete or partial thickness. A surgical knot is used to bind the components together. The required lid crease is achieved by scarring between the tissues integrated into the suture knot. Depending on the procedure, the amount of sutures used and the lid structures integrated differ.

  • External Incisional Techniques

An incision is made into the upper lid’s exterior tissues for this procedure. Skin, orbicularis oculi muscle, and preaponeurotic fat can all be removed selectively. At the inferior incision site, a suture is inserted into the skin or soft tissue and looped through the levator aponeurosis. Sutures like these imitate the levator aponeurosis extensions seen in a natural lid crease. This supratarsal fixation stitch can be included into the eyelid incision closure, which is done with a simple running suture that is removed afterwards.

Recovery from Eye Fold Surgery Vs Double Eyelid

It is fairly uncommon for moderate edoema and discolouration to occur over the first several days. To aid with this, consider the following:

  • Apply a cold compress to the area (such as gauze pads dipped in ice water and wrung out).
  • Keep your head raised and propped up.
  • Heavy lifting and intense activities should be avoided.
  • Stay out of the sun as much as possible.

You will be able to shower, wash your hair, and even wash your face after Eye fold surgery Vs Double Eyelid.

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